About us

Here at Saltimbocca, we are passionate about showcasing the very best of Italian cuisine in our elegant Cheltenham restaurant. We take great pride in our space and our decor is inspired by the Via dei Fori Imperiali in Rome, with our furniture and antiques being selected to reflect this iconic part of the city.

Our talented team take inspiration from Italian traditions and techniques, and everything we serve is made fresh with absolute love. So pop in and see us on Charman Road, not too far from Victoria Golf Club on Melbourne’s south side. We look forward to serving you soon – buon appetito!


Authentic Italian Cuisine


The menu is rich and varied with the unmistakable Roman signatures in the aroma, taste and color that thrill the nostrils, gratify the palette and enchant the eyes. The preparation of pasta, risotto and insalata is done with an uncompromising adherence to the choice ingredients that delight the tastes of lovers of gastronomy. Bovine delights of beef, lamb and goat, poultry fare of chicken and duck and aquatic choices of tuna and prawns with larding of salubrious vegetables are served here. There are a choice of wines and spirits of finest quality.

Enjoy these delights in the Italian ambiance of the restaurant or relish them in the coziness of your home.